Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Once again we had a BUSY weekend, jam packed with fun fall activities. On Friday I didn't really end up getting out early because we have a lot going on at work, but when I did get home we went out for dinner with the boys (using one of my gift cards - spent $1.50 for a $25 gc) and that was about it for Friday.

Then on Saturday my older guys school had a fall festival with games and craft projects for the kids, touch a truck, a haunted hallway and snacks (my husband offered to be in charge of the cotton candy). So we hung out there for a couple of hours. Since the baby decided to skip his morning nap he wasn't in the best of moods but he was ok. The older guy had so much fun and saw some friends from school there so he was able to play with them too. He also LOVED the fact that his daddy was the one making the cotton candy. My husband stayed to help clean up after the festival and I took the boys home for a nap (baby) and quiet time (for the older guy) and then when my husband got home we headed out to a local (well sort of local) Apply Festival. It is a huge one with food, games, rides, vendors, etc...and the best apple fritters - seriously people wait in line for an hour (at least) for these things. We had dinner there and spent the evening walking around a bit. Of course both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home.


On Saturday night, we also had our baby sleep in his room for the first time. Yes, he is 10 months old but our bedrooms are on different floors of the house. Initially he stayed in out room because it was easy to have him right there when he was getting up during the night, then we kept him there because his sleep schedule wasn't in line with the older guy and the last thing I wanted was both of them up at the crack of dawn, then it just became easier to leave him there then to move him to his room - well....we finally did it. On Saturday he was exhausted and went right down with no problems, Sunday was a different story - he yelled for a while befor finally falling asleep (this is normal for him though....every night unless he is just about asleep we have a cry fest at bed time) so it's not his room, just the fact that he doesn't like going to bed.

Then onto Sunday...we went out for breakfast - my husband let our older guy choose where were going and he wanted to go to Hometown Buffet (great-I am not a fan at all) I have no idea why he likes it so much but he does. The baby is mostly on table foods at this point anyway so we choose the least sketchy things and let him try some...he had scrambled eggs and some of my omlet, a couple of bites of pancake, some banana, peas, garbanzo beans, cucumber and applesauce. Only a little of each item - but he kept yelling at us for more. He LOVES food. After breakfast we went to a small cider mill and got some cider and got to see how they make the cider...out older guy was surprisingly interested we were going to do some apple picking too, but we decided to go pumpkin picking instead. I am so happy we made that decision (we will probably go apple picking next weekend instead) I love the farm that we go pumpkin picking at. It is a perfect place to go with the whole family. They have a whole open area that is set up with pumpkins, squash, etc...the intent is that people will purchase them - but you mostly see children playing in them while the parents are taking pictures. They also have these little houses for the children to play in, a corn maze, and a hayride that brings you out to the field for pumpkin picking. I knew that the 5 year old would have fun, but I wasn't too sure about the baby. Especially since he was a cranky pants on Saturday. They both had a great time. We let the little one get down on the ground and crawl around / play with the pumpkins. He got really dirty but he had a good time.

The only sad part of our weekend was that while we were on the hayride my husband sat on our camera and broke the screen. So for the second half of pumpkin picking we were just pointing and shooting - couldn't really see what we were taking pictures of. It works out well though - I wanted a new camera anyway :)

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