Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - Apple Picking

One more busy weekend under our belts...Actually this weekend wasn't too bad. We had some shopping to do on Saturday and then went to make dinner for my grandfather (he lives with my parents and they were out of town for the night so we decided to go visit and make some dinner). My husband cooked - he made pierogi, kielbasi and then our older guy helped me make an applesauce.  The baby LOVED his dinner - we just cut up a little bit of everything, gave him the plater and he ate everything.  He sat there like such a good boy while we were all eating.

On Sunday we planned to go apple picking.  We were going to go out for breakfast first but we got a late start so we stopped and grabbed some breakfast sandwich's from the diner before meeting my husbands uncle to go apple picking.  We got there (after about a half hour drive) to find out that we left the diaper bag at home (I though my husband had it, he thought I had it) and had one hungry baby on our hands.  So while our older guy finished his cider and watched how the made cider at the cider mill my husband ran out to CVS for a small container of formula and a bottle.  The beginning of our Apple Picking adventure did not go as smoothly as possible, but once we got going we all had a good time.  We got a bunch of apples....and some good pictures.  The baby ate an apple all by himself (after my husband ate the skin off for him), and our older guy had some trouble getting started because I think we have some more loose teeth on the way - but once he got going he ate two apples shoving them in the side of his mouth to bite :)

After apple picking we went to the pumpkin farm (right down the street) for a hayride and we picked up one more pumpkin.  We went pumpkin picking last weekend so we didn't really need any but since we were there we let the older guy pick out one more.

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  1. It looks like there was a lot of apple taste testing.

  2. Looks like so much fun. Wish we had time. Plus an orchard would be helpful too. Thanks for sharing and linkin up for WW!

  3. How fun!

    Have a great Wednesday!


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