Friday, December 3, 2010

My Baby is 1....

Well, he actually turned 1 on Thanksgiving day, but I have been offline for most of the week. I can't believe that it has already been one year since this little man entered our lives. He is amazing and is such a happy baby. I love his laughs and love when we get him out of bed and he is smiley and cuddly.

He is no longer a baby - he is on the go...we have not officially started walking yet, though I have seen a couple of steps and he runs behind the push toy that we have at home. He is VERY sturdy on his feet (though he still falls - and it always seems to be when there is a table around) when playing with his learning table he will let go and dance and just grab back onto the table if he begins to feel like he is losing his balance. He climbs the stairs, but really hasn't mastered the down part so we are very careful to not let him on the stairs unattended. He is into everything - this boy is going to be trouble for us. He picks up every little speck that he can find and his hand immediately goes to the mouth (I will have just swept the floor and he still finds things - I don't know how he does it). He does listen when you tell him no (at least for now) though and puts his hand in the air to give you what he has.

He has really gotten his own personality (and attitude). He does not like anyone to touch his plate when he is eating. We have just turned the plate for him because the only food left is on the far side of the plate and he will cry and not eat for about 5 minutes when you do this. I find that it happens more when he is tired, but he does not like people touching his plate. He can get that way when you touch his toys too. He is usually ok when his brother touches his toys/plays with him but more than once I have touched a toy that he was playing with and have seen a mini temper tantrum. The other day I pressed a button on his music table and he crawled to the other side of the room, laid face down on the ground and cried. Then he got back up and went to play just like it never happened. I think at this point these little mini outbursts are more frustration that he can't communicate with us than they are his temperament but we will see as he gets a bit older.

He is still on the bottle, though he is mostly getting whole milk and only having formula once or twice a day (until we finish this can - then he is done). We are working on the sippy cup, but I just don't think that we have found the right one yet. He does ok, but not good enough to replace the bottle yet. My goal is to have him off the bottle completely by the end of the year. We will see if that works. With our older one we just stopped giving him the bottle and he started using the cup (with some prodding) I don't know if this guy will be so easy.

I was looking at our Christmas pictures from last year and it is amazing to see that little guy as a newborn (one month old) and then look at him now.

What is he saying:


Mama (sometimes)


Ba (for his bottle or a cup....basically anything you can drink out of is "ba")





Brother (well it isn't always clear be he is getting there)

High Five (not very clear) - new this month

Look - new this month

No...I wonder where he learned that - his Big Brother???

*He is now starting to copy everything we say too so he has said ball, hat, etc...but doesn't really say them regularly.

he also understands and reacts to (but does not yet say):




If you ask where his feet are he points to them

Favorite Toys:

Leapfrog Learning Table - now that he can move this is even more of a favorite...we have hard wood floors so he pushes it around the house and lets go and dances with the music

His Noah's Ark (Little People) that he got for his Baptism - we ended up getting him the Little People Nativity set for his Birthday.

Laugh and Learn puppy

His brother dinosaurs

Anything that makes noise

Anything that he can bite on

Anything that he finds that he is not supposed to be playing with :)

Tooth Count:

We are at 10 teeth. In the last couple of weeks we have added a molar and an eye tooth. It looks as if there are at least two more coming in the near future.

What is he eating:

I don't even know what to write here anymore since he is eating just about anything and everything that we give him. He is such a good eater. On a regular basis we are trying to stick to a protein, a fruit and a veggie at lunch and dinner and for breakfast cereal or an egg and fruit. Since he is mostly on finger foods and table foods he gets what we are having he was a little tired when it came time for Thanksgiving dinner, but he has been loving the leftovers. He also tried Milk for the first time. He seems to be doing ok with it. He has it about once a day and the other bottles are formula. Once we finish this container the formula will be done and he will be strictly on whole milk and it will be time to increase our milk budget again.

Meats/Proteins: He eats a lot of chicken, he LOVES Fish, he eats Turkey (which means that he will LOVE his birthday dinner-on Thanksgiving), meatballs, meatloaf, as I said he had tries a couple bites of sausage and probably would have eaten a ton of it if I let him.

Veggies: He eats anything that we give him. He loves Sweet Potato (and white potato) and Squash and I am planning to make pumpkin this weekend so we will try that with him too. He inhaled his broccoli and cauliflower the other day. He does really well with his veggies - he could teach our 5 year old a thing or two :)

Fruits: Again, he eats just about everything we give him. He tried cranberries for the first time this month (see my cranberry baby food recipes). He loves banana's and apples but will eat anything we put in front of him.

Juice: He has had it a couple of times. He does not get it regularly. Every now and then when we have been out for breakfast he will get some but he has really only had a few tastes of it. We did let him try some apple cider the other day though.

Least Favorite Foods:

NOTHING...I have not been able to find a food that this little man does not like. He eats everything (fingers crossed that this continues since our 5 year old eats nothing)!!!


  1. Aww, congrats! You'll be amazed at the changes between 1 and 2. It's such a fun age! My daughter's 3 now and a complete hoot. Enjoy every minute!

  2. 1-2 is a huge year of change...they go from still being babys to being children. 3 is fun - our older guy is 5 now and thinks he knows everything.


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