Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rice Krispie Treats

We had some shopping to do on Saturday and ended up out of the house for most of the day so Sunday was our day to stay at home and watch Christmas movies by the fire. While the baby was napping we decided to make rice krispie treats with the 5 year old. I honestly don't think I have had them more than a handful of times in my life and our little guy has probably never had them.

So daddy melted the marshmallow and butter while our little guy measured out the rice krispies. We decided to make green rice krispie treats for a festive little twist. We dumped the marshmallow mixture in for him (since the pan was hot) and then he did all of the mixing. And of course he had to try them to make sure that they tasted ok.

He loved them!!! Later on once they set up a bit we decided to make them into Christmas Trees and used some holiday sprinkles to decorate. I think we may make another batch or two to bring to my husbands family on Christmas Eve and my family for Christmas day.

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