Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a good boy I have

After watching the Mickey Mouse Scrooge movie the other day we were talking about Christmas and donating some food and gifts to people who need them. He said I know Santa gives gifts to everyone, but it would be really sad to only get a couple of gifts from Santa and no gifts from mommy and daddy or grandma and grandpa (and continued through the list of people that he gets presents from). So I asked him if we should go through his old toys and donate some of them to kids who won't get many Christmas presents...he reponded "I do have some toys from when I was 4 that I don't play with so much anymore" and then went on to say that "maybe we should give a family presents but we should also bring them food too so that they can have a nice Christmas dinner." Of course he did continue to say that we can donate his old toys to a daycare center like they did on Toy Story 3...but at least he is beginning to grasp the concept.

How sweet is he???? We have donated food this year (both Thanksgiving and now for Christmas) and given a few small toys to Toys for Tots, but I think next year we will be doing the adopt a family program.

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