Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How things change the second time around....

So I was on the train this morning and started to think....I can't think of anything that Ethan (the baby) has that is new. Then of course, I started to feel bad. Everything Brady had was brand new - from the Crib / bassinet to the bedroom furniture to the car seat / stroller combo to all the toys and stuffed animals. Poor Ethan has a few outfits that we had to buy because the sizes / seasons weren't matching up for the "hand-me-downs" and some things that a family friend won in a raffle but that's about it.

Not only that, but poor Ethan currently sleeps in a pack and play in our room.

Why does he sleep in the pack and play? Because we left the bassinet that we had for Brady in the garage and an animal decided to crawl in there and die - needless to say we got rid of that right away. He was in a Moses Basket (that a family friend won in a raffle) in our bed for a while, but he got too big for it - so he moved into the pack and play.

Why does he sleep in our room? This is a two part response - first, his room is on a different floor than ours and I am not ready for that yet (he is only 4 months old)....but second, his room is currently our storage room.

Yes - our storage room. When we first moved in I knew I was pregnant so we painted and started to decorate his room. That went right down the tubes as we ran out of space to put things and then ended up landing in his room. Cleaning this out and getting Ethan into a crib in his own room will be one of our big tasks over the next few weeks.

Brady's bedroom was ready and waiting for him months before he was born...Ethan is four months old and his room is far from ready. It will be soon though.

It is just so funny how with your first baby everything must be perfect...from the adorable little outfits (Brady wore "real clothes" every day - If Ethan has been dressed in something other than the sleep and play outfits ten times I would be shocked), to the prefect bedroom set, to the best toys, bottles, bottle warmers (had one for Brady not for Ethan), wipes warmer (poor Ethan gets cold wipes)....and by the time you get to number two, they get whatever you can hand down from number 1.

Does everyone feel this way about their second (third, fourth, etc...) child? I wonder if I would feel this way if I had a girl - then I guess I would have to buy at least some new things...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wanted to scream

Last night when Brady was supposed to be in bed, my husband see's him out of his room and he is naked. So I go in there and ask him why...he say's he just wants to be naked. So I explain that it is too cold and he has to put his clothes on.

Then I notice that he has poop on his hands - I thought he went to the bathroom and tried to clean himself. This is a relatively normal behavior for him so I didn't really think much of it...I just asked him to get up and go to the bathroom so that I could make sure that he was clean. As we are walking toward his bedroom door I smelled it again - I look down and there is a small poop nugget on the floor.

I was mad, but for some reason this was so out of the realm of our normal life that also felt an urge to laugh. Obviously I didn't and I disciplined him for pooping on the floor. It could have been an accident, he did have one piece pj's on which he rarely wears so he could have been trying to take them off and it just took too long. I am inclined to believe that it was not an accident, but in any event, we reminded him that though this should NEVER happen, if this happens he needs to tell us immediately.

We washed his butt and hands and cleaned his floor and sent him back to bed.

Later my husband and I were laughing about it "I can't believe that he pooped on his floor" but when I first walked in there - wow I was mad.

I am sure I am not the only one with these types of stories...lets hear some others (so that I can feel better about mine).

Monday, March 29, 2010

What crazy person came up with the "kids party" concept

I don't want to sound like I am a bad mom...but when did it become a requirement that beginning at the age of 5 (or even earlier) you are expected to have a "kids party" for your child? You get to invite all of their friends from school, daycare, playgroup, or your neighborhood and pay an absurd amount of money for what? Your 3 year old isn't even going to remember it....honestly your 5 or 6 year old may not even remember it.

What made parents think this was a good idea? These parties are a pain to plan, they are expensive, and as much as you love your children...twenty 3 to 6 year olds running around after eating candy, cake, and ice cream is not on the top of my "fun way to spend a weekend list."

Brady will be five in May and he has been invited to these parties since he was three, possibly two - and has been asking to have his own "kids party" since then. I was able to avoid it for the least two years because we moved the week of his birthday last year (and I couldn't ask the people from his old school to drive an hour for his birthday party) and the year before we went to Disney in May...I absolutely want my child to have the best birthday party possible, but the cost involved just makes it not seem worth it. There are no more excuses - I think I am on the hook for our first kids party this year.

So on to the planning - where are we going to have the party???? Chuck E. Cheese - no way. Have you ever been there on a Saturday or Sunday? They have 10 parties going on at one time (I may be exaggerating, but I don't think so) and it is a madhouse there. So what other options are available? We are likely going to land on one of those Bounce places (there really aren't too many other options around here), but the prices are through the roof, in my opinion and I am sure are even more expensive in other parts of the country. They offer two plans that are only available before 5pm during the week. You can get the party room for a half hour and the bounce room for an hour for $200 or you can include pizza, cupcakes, invitations and goody bags for $300. Now if you want to have a party on a weekend the minimum you will be able to pay is $385.

Brady has preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - so we talked to the parents and will probably plan it on a Tuesday or Thursday. At least that way I will be able to do the party for $300.

I am really not cheap, but we will do this party and then do a family party that will have at least 30 people. So I will be spending at least $500 (I am kidding myself - I will be shocked if I can keep that family party below $200 including food, drinks, cake and goodie bags for the kids in the family) probably more on his birthday party, before even thinking about a gift.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A year of firsts

First Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first doctor appointment, first smile, first laugh, first bottle, first time having formula, first vacation, first babysitter (does grandma count?), first sleepover at grandma's, first time rolling over, first musical (put on by a local high school), first time finding hands, first time finding feet, first time grabbing a toy, first tooth (and second)...

...and all of this (and probably many more that I am forgetting) by the age of four months and many more to come over the next eight months. It is amazing how fast they grow and how new everything is to them. Everyday is an adventure for them. I find myself wondering what he will do next and worrying about what "firsts" I will miss while I am at work. I am not the first to feel that way...and I won't be the last. In four (almost five years) Brady has had many "firsts" that I have missed and we all lived through it - we will again with Ethan. What I can focus on is the "firsts" that I know are coming, one of which is starting Ethan on food (his doctor said he is ready) - I am sure that there will be plentu more to come on this topic in the near future.

With all of the baby's firsts it is hard to stay focussed on the first of our four year old...who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall (that is a big first)...he also went on the *BIG* waterslide at the waterpark when we were on vacation, he held a baby for the first time (his little brother), he got his first scooter for Christmas - and I am sure he will have many more first over the next year as well. Oh, I almost forgot, he peed on my floor for the first time to get out of time out a few weeks ago (and it better be the first and last time for that).

I love to take a minute and just think of all the wonderful things about my boys...and the bad things and the funny ones and the things that shouldn't be funny but for some reason they really are.


My name is Maggie, I am the mom of two boys (Brady who is 4 and Ethan is 4 months). In addition to being the mom of these two wonderful boys, I do Financial Reporting for a large cosmetic and fragrance company and I get to enjoy two hours of peace and quiet each day...on the train commuting to and from work. I wouldn't say that it is the most enjoyable time, but I usually get to drink a whole cup of coffee without having to change a diaper, clean spit up off me (the furniture or the baby) or clean up whatever creative ideas my four year old had for redecorating our bathroom.

When I am not a work we are constantly on the go with our little guys. At the age of four Brady has been to Pennsylvania multiple times, he has been in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland and Florida...we took a potty training two (almost three) year old to Disney - how is that for an adventure. Brady went on his first vacation at two and a half months and Ethan went on his first vacation at six weeks.

There is a new adventure in our house everyday, whether it is trying to convince a four year old to eat something other than hot dogs or trying to calm a teething baby, there are very few days in my house that I can say "we just relaxed at home".

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