Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

First time getting his face painted - Cat in the Hat nose and wiskers

Story Time

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Toddler Tantrums...

Terrible Two's are starting EARLY in our house. My little guy will be 14 months next week and he already has the temper tantrum thing down. We had a little of this with our older guy, but not too much. I know that a big part of it is that he knows what he wants but can't communicate it yet. He says words (dada, mama, brother, up, look, baba, hi, bye-bye, etc....) and his non-verbal communication is usually enough to get the point across, but he wants to be able to tell us what he wants/needs and he is not there yet. He gets frustrated.

Two days ago he was walking around playing with his Little People and he fell. When he feel he dropped his toy on the ground. He immediately started crying uncontrollably. My husband tried to give him his toy back and he wouldn't take it he just kept crying for a couple of minutes until he decided to get back up and play with something else. When you tell him "no" he goes through a simliar routine and since he gets into EVERYTHING he does hear the word "no" every once in a while.

It seems like the times we are seeing him act up seem to be when he is getting tired. Either right before nap time or right before bed time - and when he gets like that he doesn't want to be held, but he doesn't want to be put down either so you can't really comfort him to try to calm him down. These "tantrums" are not frequent, just every now and then, so I am hoping that in the coming he becomes more verbal maybe this will subside. Though I am sure it will begin to subside just in time for the real "terrible twos."

In the meatime, I would love to hear from other people out there who are going through the Toddler Tantrum stage too!!! What are you doing to avoid tantrums/re-direct your little ones?

My little guy got his first real boo-boo!!!

This morning he feel into the coffee table and hit his mouth. My husband was home (I was at work) and the baby was walking around in the living room. Well since he is a relatively new walker he must have lost his balance and hit his face right into the coffee table. Of course my husband felt horrible because he was sitting right there, he just had no way of knowing that the baby would fall and he said it was one of those things that just happened to fast.

From what I was told, my poor little mans mouth was gushing...but when it finally stopped and was all cleaned up it was a relatively small cut on the inside of his lip. Very soon after that he was trying to steal his brother's lunchable so I am assuming he is just fine.

I think it was more traumatic for daddy than it was for the baby :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

We have a walker....

My little guy started walking the day after Christmas. He was walking along furniture and taking a step or two prior to that but hadn't really tried to walk on his own. So at 13 months and 1 day he took off.

Who did he walk for???? Not mommy or daddy....he walked for the first time in front of his big brother. Our 5 year old was so excited...He was yelling "mommy, mommy he walked. He walked by himself." When he told me that the baby walked the length of the table I fully assumed that he was holding on, but the 5 year old insisted that he was not holding onto the table.

Within minutes he was walking all over the living room. He gets so excited every time he walks too, you can see by the smile on his face that he is proud of himself...I am sure that is in part do to the fact that everyone (especially the 5 year old) makes a big deal out of it.

Now onto the toddler stage (no more baby)....we are going to be in trouble with this one!!! He has already proven to be a climber and now that he is walking too, I am seeing trouble in my very near future...but on the upside there is nothing cuter than a little baby learning to walk and trying to figure out how/where to move their feet for the next step. I LOVE it!!!

Tired feet, magical movie night and gingerbread houses:Written before Christmas

I just realized that I wrote this post the weekend before Christmas and never posted here it is!!!

This was our weekend. We started by going to New York City on Friday afternoon / evening. My husband asked me that morning (while I was only half awake) and we decided that they (my husband and the boys) would take the train and I would meet them at the train station near my work and we would continue into the city. Once the 5 year old found out we were going he called me at work screaming (in excitment) that they were going to pick me up at work and we were going to go to New York City. We really only had a few hours in the city so we went to FAO Schwartz, dinner, then the tree and watched the skating. Everyone had a really good time until it was time to walk back to the train station. We had a crying baby and a whining 5 year old because his feet hurt (which I completly understand) but there was little we could do about either while walking back to the train station. We got to the station and realized that the train that would be leaving in about 20 minutes was an express so we held off for that one (it got us home with the kids in bed less than 2 hours after we left the city - can't complain about that). Once we were on the train both children got their second wind and were wide awake and playing the whole way home (I feel really bad for the poor people sharing a train car with us). I was sure that they would both sleep on the train but no way mommy and daddy were getting off that easy.

Then onto Saturday where our day started with my dad coming over to fix our roof, we spent some time with him and then got ready to go to Polar Express Night. My friend was putting this event on as a fundraiser it was so great for the little ones. Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf and the Train Conductor were all there to great everyone (and take pictures) as we came in. Then they had some art projects for the children along with reading the Polar Express and watching the movie. The night was complete with hot dogs, popcorn, juice boxes, hot chocolate and desserts to snack on while watching the movie. All the children (and some adults) came in their pajama's and brought their sleeping bags / blankets and pillows to snuggle in for movie time. The 5 year old loved the whole thing (except Santa - though we were able to get him to sit with Santa, he didn't seem to excited about it (this is the first year that we have been able to get a picture with Santa). The baby was ok - it was a long time for him to be in one place - he fussed a little, but for the most part he was fine. We quickly found out that we have another Santa hater on our hands since he flipped out as soon as we went near Santa...oh well I am used to it now!!!

One more fun filled and busy day concluded our weekend. It started by going out to breakfast with the boys and then we all headed over to one of my best friends houses to see her and her new baby (and her older son and husband of course). After visiting with them we did some shopping to pick up some much needed items for some afternoon baking fun. Once the baby was napping we woke up the 5 year old (who also decided to nap - he had a really busy weekend) and decorated out ginger bread house. After that we rolled out some frozen cookie dough (because it was getting late) and made some fun Christmas cookie cutter cookies. They came out of the oven too late last night to cool before decorating so that will be our project for tonight. I wrapped up my night last night by addressing Christmas cards (because I just recieved them on Saturday) and had to get them out today so that people had a shot at getting them before Christmas!!!

After such a long busy weekend - I still have a million things to do before Christmas. I know that if we stayed home this weekend I would feel much better about what I have left to do, but I wouldn't trade any part of my weekend for anything.

"Our" First Report Card

Right before the Christmas Holiday our 5 year old got his first report card. I was so nervous to open it. I have no idea why - he is in Kindergarten, how bad could it be, but nonetheless I was nervous. Once we opened it I saw basically what I expected to see which was that everything is good but he need to work on reading and writing. This is 100% what I expected to see. He is doing much better with both reading and writing, but he still needs a lot of work. I was a little surprised to see that he is scared to be wrong, which leads to him not answering questions in class and looking for extra help. It seemed as if he looks for extra help from the teacher, but when she comes to help he knows the answers. She also noted that he gets really upset when he gets something wrong. We need to work on building this little boys confidence. Beyond that it was a very good first report card and hope that they are just as good in the future.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Missing my blogs and my bloggy friends

The Holidays have been busy and it feels like forever since I had time to sit and blog. For weeks it has seemed like every free moment was devoted to Christmas prep, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies and the ongoing Christmas clean-up.  Don't get me wrong, we had a great Christmas/New Years week including a lot of time with family, a childrens museum trip with the boys and even a date night for mommy and daddy.

Now I am back to work (with a train commute that will give me some blog time) and back to my blogs :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and are easing back to reality nicely.
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