Monday, January 24, 2011

My little guy got his first real boo-boo!!!

This morning he feel into the coffee table and hit his mouth. My husband was home (I was at work) and the baby was walking around in the living room. Well since he is a relatively new walker he must have lost his balance and hit his face right into the coffee table. Of course my husband felt horrible because he was sitting right there, he just had no way of knowing that the baby would fall and he said it was one of those things that just happened to fast.

From what I was told, my poor little mans mouth was gushing...but when it finally stopped and was all cleaned up it was a relatively small cut on the inside of his lip. Very soon after that he was trying to steal his brother's lunchable so I am assuming he is just fine.

I think it was more traumatic for daddy than it was for the baby :)

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