Monday, January 10, 2011

Tired feet, magical movie night and gingerbread houses:Written before Christmas

I just realized that I wrote this post the weekend before Christmas and never posted here it is!!!

This was our weekend. We started by going to New York City on Friday afternoon / evening. My husband asked me that morning (while I was only half awake) and we decided that they (my husband and the boys) would take the train and I would meet them at the train station near my work and we would continue into the city. Once the 5 year old found out we were going he called me at work screaming (in excitment) that they were going to pick me up at work and we were going to go to New York City. We really only had a few hours in the city so we went to FAO Schwartz, dinner, then the tree and watched the skating. Everyone had a really good time until it was time to walk back to the train station. We had a crying baby and a whining 5 year old because his feet hurt (which I completly understand) but there was little we could do about either while walking back to the train station. We got to the station and realized that the train that would be leaving in about 20 minutes was an express so we held off for that one (it got us home with the kids in bed less than 2 hours after we left the city - can't complain about that). Once we were on the train both children got their second wind and were wide awake and playing the whole way home (I feel really bad for the poor people sharing a train car with us). I was sure that they would both sleep on the train but no way mommy and daddy were getting off that easy.

Then onto Saturday where our day started with my dad coming over to fix our roof, we spent some time with him and then got ready to go to Polar Express Night. My friend was putting this event on as a fundraiser it was so great for the little ones. Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf and the Train Conductor were all there to great everyone (and take pictures) as we came in. Then they had some art projects for the children along with reading the Polar Express and watching the movie. The night was complete with hot dogs, popcorn, juice boxes, hot chocolate and desserts to snack on while watching the movie. All the children (and some adults) came in their pajama's and brought their sleeping bags / blankets and pillows to snuggle in for movie time. The 5 year old loved the whole thing (except Santa - though we were able to get him to sit with Santa, he didn't seem to excited about it (this is the first year that we have been able to get a picture with Santa). The baby was ok - it was a long time for him to be in one place - he fussed a little, but for the most part he was fine. We quickly found out that we have another Santa hater on our hands since he flipped out as soon as we went near Santa...oh well I am used to it now!!!

One more fun filled and busy day concluded our weekend. It started by going out to breakfast with the boys and then we all headed over to one of my best friends houses to see her and her new baby (and her older son and husband of course). After visiting with them we did some shopping to pick up some much needed items for some afternoon baking fun. Once the baby was napping we woke up the 5 year old (who also decided to nap - he had a really busy weekend) and decorated out ginger bread house. After that we rolled out some frozen cookie dough (because it was getting late) and made some fun Christmas cookie cutter cookies. They came out of the oven too late last night to cool before decorating so that will be our project for tonight. I wrapped up my night last night by addressing Christmas cards (because I just recieved them on Saturday) and had to get them out today so that people had a shot at getting them before Christmas!!!

After such a long busy weekend - I still have a million things to do before Christmas. I know that if we stayed home this weekend I would feel much better about what I have left to do, but I wouldn't trade any part of my weekend for anything.

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