Monday, January 10, 2011

We have a walker....

My little guy started walking the day after Christmas. He was walking along furniture and taking a step or two prior to that but hadn't really tried to walk on his own. So at 13 months and 1 day he took off.

Who did he walk for???? Not mommy or daddy....he walked for the first time in front of his big brother. Our 5 year old was so excited...He was yelling "mommy, mommy he walked. He walked by himself." When he told me that the baby walked the length of the table I fully assumed that he was holding on, but the 5 year old insisted that he was not holding onto the table.

Within minutes he was walking all over the living room. He gets so excited every time he walks too, you can see by the smile on his face that he is proud of himself...I am sure that is in part do to the fact that everyone (especially the 5 year old) makes a big deal out of it.

Now onto the toddler stage (no more baby)....we are going to be in trouble with this one!!! He has already proven to be a climber and now that he is walking too, I am seeing trouble in my very near future...but on the upside there is nothing cuter than a little baby learning to walk and trying to figure out how/where to move their feet for the next step. I LOVE it!!!


  1. AW! Congrats!! That's wonderful. I bet he's cruising like a champ now.

    Just followed you and look forward to reading more about your mommy adventures!!

    Brea (

  2. Congrats on your little walker! There will be no stopping him now. New follower from the Bloggy Mom Network

  3. New follower!


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