Friday, February 18, 2011

Are we going away this weekend?

It's Friday morning and we haven't decided if we are going away for the weekend. You would think it would be a simple decision right? Either you are going or not...we found a hotel, with good reviews, with a pool for the kids and in our price range so why are we questioning it?
My husband is getting nervous about traveling with both boys!!! He is worried about the 5 hour drive each way (that will most likely turn into at least 6 hours), he is worried about them behaving in the car, he is worried that the 5 year old won't let the 1 year old nap in the car. He is concerned that the baby will miss his naps and be cranky and that he won't sleep at night when we are all in the room. While these may all seem like valid is funny to me because the 1 year old has been on two week long vacations (the first one at 6 weeks), both were farther away (the second was 8 hours in the car with no traffic-there was traffic). The 5 year old has been to every state on the east coast (by car) except the Carolinas and Georgia because we decided to fly when we went to Florida.
So how could a parent who has done so much traveling with the kids be worried about a simple overnight???
I don't know either but he's running out of time...he will have to commit one way or the othet soon!!!
So my question to you find traveling with your little ones to be fun or stressful?

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