Thursday, February 17, 2011


The 1 year old has been saying words for a while but has trouble with his "m" sound. Mama generally sounds very similar to baba. About a week ago his big brother taught him who Elmo was using an Elmo food set that my mom has at her house. Ever since then my little guy is obsessed...he watched Sesame Street the other day and sat still for most of the show (which shocked me) and evertime he sees one of his brothers stuffed elmo's he starts yelling "Elbo" and runs over to grab it. His favorite by far is tickle me elmo...but only when it is shaking...for some reason he doesn't like elmo when he laughs without shaking. I guess it's time to convince the 5 year old to let the baby "borrow" one of his 4 Elmo's.

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