Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My boy needs a History lesson

I saw this little girl on Rachael Ray yesterday that could point out all the Presidents at age 2. That inspired me to quiz the 5 year old to see what he knew about the Presidents...Well he knew that Barack Obama was the current President, but when we asked him about the 1st President, he hesitated. My husband began to say "Geor" to see if our little guy would come up with it. He quickly blurts out "Jordyn Sparks"...yes, you read that correctly, my 5 year old guessed that Jordyn Sparks was the first President of the United States.

My husband and I were laughing hysterically. My first thought was "how did he know Jordyn Sparks"? He quickly told me that she is on one of the Suite Life shows. Ok, but you really have no clue about the first President.

We have some work to do. Time to start some at home history lessons.

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