Monday, February 28, 2011

My Cupcake Adventure - Week 1

You may have seen my post about us (as a family) being inspired by the cupcakes at the Hotel Hershey's bakery last weekend. Well with all that inspiration we (husband, 5 year old and myself) decided that a baking weekend was in order. Here is what was on the menu:

1.) Homemade ice cream sandwiches - nothing to do with cupcakes....but yummy

2.) S'mores Cupcakes - a recreation of a cupcake we had at that bakery

3.) Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Blueberry Icing - the 5 year olds invention

I will admit that I am not much of a baker (every now and then I get motivated but for the most part the only baking done at our house is during the Holiday's). So how did we do?

The ice cream sandwiches were so simple and so good. We made really big chocolate chip cookies, let them completely cool, put a slice of ice cream in the middle and let them sit in the freezer for a few hours until they were completely frozen - then we shared them because they were too big for one person to eat alone :) They were a huge success - they will definitely be made in our house again.

The S'mores cupcake. This was my husbands attempt at recreating one of the cupcakes that we had last weekend at the Hotel Hershey. He did an amazing job for his first attempt at recreating this cupcake and it really tasted like you were eating S'mores. By his own admission he needs to adjust the amount of cinnamon and get a kitchen torch (instead of the broiler) for the marshmallow on top but it turned out really well. This Graham Cracker flavored cupcake, with a chocolate kiss in the middle and marshmallow fluff topping (browned quickly in the broiler) will also be made again in our house - my husband says he wants to perfect it.



The Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Blueberry Icing cupcakes were the creation of my 5 year old after seeing them use fresh fruit in the frosting on DC Cupcakes. He said "it will really healthy and really yummy." While I don't think that adding blueberries to frosting makes it good for you, we helped him make his creation. It came out good. The cake consistency was perfect. The blueberry icing, however, didn't really taste enough like blueberry. We will obviously make the Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes....because who wouldn't LOVE those? As for the frosting/icing, I will be working on coming up with a really flavorful fruit frosting. I think my next attempt at this frosting will be over a blueberry/lemon zest cupcake.

Overall we had a very successful weekend of baking and we had fun!!! My favorite part is how into is the 5 year old was. He LOVES cooking and baking with us (and tells us he wants to own a restaurant when he grows up) so anytime he is excited about it I try to encourage it....even if it means that mommy is going to eat about a million extra calories in dessert alone - I guess I just have to take one for the team :)

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