Monday, February 28, 2011

My Cupcake Adventure

"My Mommy Adventure" has a new adventure....Cupcakes. We were inspired by the bakery at the Hotel Hershey last weekend. We tried a variety of very yummy mini cupcakes. We tried the smores cupcake - which actually had a graham cracker flavored cake. The 5yo was inspired when DC Cupcakes was on the other day - they made frostings with berries in the frosting for color and flavor. The 5yo decided he wanted to try a chocolate cupcake with blueberry frosting and a blueberry on top.
With all of this cupcake inspiration we decided to have a baking weekend. We made homemade ice cream sandwichs (which has nothing to do with cupcakes...but they are yummy), our version of the Smores cupcake and a chocolate, chocolate chip cupcake with blueberry icing. Our baking weekend was a big success - except for the fact that I ate too much.

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