Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Cupcake Adventure - Week 3

This was the weekend to try some St. Patricks Day cupcakes.  It didn't go exactly how I initially planned it, but the cupcakes we made did come out good.

Initially my plan was to make two batches, one would be Chocolate and Guinness cupcakes and the other would be the kid-friendly cupcakes with green frosting and/or white frosting with green sprinkles.  My husband, however, shot down my idea of trying the Chocolate and Guinness cupcakes.  He said he didn't think he would like them and he probably wouldn't eat any and though I could and probably would eat a batch of cupcakes on my own I decided against making these cupcakes since I had nobody to share them with.

I did however, make our kid friendly St. Patricks day cupcakes with the five year old.  This is what we ended up with, a white cupcakes with vanilla frosting and green sugar sprinkles and green cupcakes with green vanilla frosting some with sprinkles and some with out.  I will admit that some of the sprinkles my little guy choose to use were more spring pastely greens, instead of the dark green that would be expected on a St. Patricks Day cupcake and realistically (to me) they looked more like Easter/Spring cupcakes than St. Patricks Day cupcakes.  Maybe we will make them as "Spring" cupcakes in a few weeks.

So even though the weekend cupcake baking didn't go as planned we still ended our weekend with a yummy treat and most importantly the 5 year old enjoyed making them - even though he only ate the frosting!!! I still have a couple of days to try to convince my wonderful husband that Chocolate/Guinness cupcakes will be yummy and that we should have them as a St Patricks Day treat. 

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