Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Day Trip

When we use the phrase "day trip" in our family it can mean anything from an adventure 20 minutes away to an adventure 4 hours away. Though when we get into the upper range (3-4 hours) we may stay the night, most of the time we will do it in one day. This weekend was one of those times. We began our day Saturday with the plan of grabbing breakfast out and then heading to the grand opening of a local (about 30 min away) cupcake shop. We did both of those things, but continued from the cupcake shop and headed another couple of hours away to check out an adorable little chocolate factory and pretzel factory near the Pocono's in Pennsylvania.

We take these road trips frequently and we do go to Pennsylvania frequently (we were just there two weeks ago) but we have never been to that area so we figured why no check it out. We loved the area, it was beautiful. We went to Callies Candy Kitchen and Callies Pretzel Facory ( they were small places about a few miles away from each other and they were in converted houses. They were adorable and the people working at both places were so sweet. At the candy shop they had wonderful molded candies (that you could watch them make) in every shape/character you can think of, but the real surprise were their "chocolate covered" items and their "barks." They had chocolate covered sunflower seeds and gummy bears, chocolate cover pretzels and potato chips and then came the way out of the norm items (and honestly we would go back there to try some of the other "out of the norm" options). We tried chocolate covered grapes (which the 5 year old loves) they were littlerally a grape covered in chocolate and they were wonderful. We also tried the bacon bark wich was basically a stick of chocolate with bacon in it - the sweet and salty combo was really good. Last but not least, we tried chocolate covered cream cheese. Yes, you read that correctly. It was simply a cream cheese square covered in chocolate. At first bite, it does sort of feel like you are biting into a block of cream cheese but it quickly combines with the chocolate and to give the impression of eating a chocolate cheese cake. I will admit that I was a little scared to try it, but honestly, it was good. I would try it again, and we will most likely be back there to try some of their other fun chocolate dipped creations in the future.

From there we headed to their pretzel factory. When I say factory, I mean a room in the back of another converted house that has machines that they use to make pretzels. But they are wonderful. You can watch them make the pretzels and then you can buy pre-packaged of fresh made pretzels and popcorn. We got pretzel dogs as an early dinner, and soft pretzels as well and then we tried a bunch of popcorn flavors from (cheddar cheese, to cheese and garlic to buffalo wing and the list goes on) and ended up with a couple of bags of popcorn too.

From there we just headed back home. We were home and the boys were in bed about an hour after bedtime and it would have been closer but we hit some traffic that held us up a bit. Not too bad, our timing was relatively close and even though the little man slept in the car he slept until 6:45 the following morning so we were happy with that (I was worried that the sleeping in the car would mess him up).

One more wonderful family adventure under our belts.

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