Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Cupcake Adventure - Week 6

We took a week off from baking and visited a local bakery (Sugar Bakery and Sweet Shop) that specializes in cupcakes. They actually competed in and won Cupcake Wars. We have been wanting to go there for a while, but they aren't open on Sunday's and it seems our Saturdays have just been too busy to stop in there.

Well I have to say that after just one visit I have a slight obsession with their cupcakes. They were amazing, I can tell why they won Cupcake Wars. Poor planning on my part put us at the bakery about 15 minutes before closing so they were sold out of some of their cupcake varieties and I did have an unfortunate incident, in which I asked one of the women behind the counter for the last chocolate chip cheesecake cupcake and while she was in the back getting a box the other woman behind the counter sold it to someone else. I was a little disappointed - but since I did not want to be the next crazy cupcake lady, I shrugged it off and went with the Oreo cupcake instead. My husband went with the chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mouse and topped with chocolate frosting and the 5 year old went with the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Reese Pieces on top. After completing our purchase we went out to the car and began to dig in to our cupcakes. My husband got half way through and decided he was going in to buy a couple more before we left, which was a good thing since the 5 year old ate half of my cupcake (he was saving his until after dinner).

The chocolate cake (which is somehow what we all ended up with for our first round of cupcakes) was amazing. It had the perfect consistency. They were spoungy and light on the inside with just a slightly thicker consistency on the top. The frosting/fillings were a perfectly sweetened, they were not too sweet like some of the fillings/frosting that you will find in cupcakes and were perfectly balanced by the cake. The cakes were so good that I actually wanted to dig into round two of the cupcakes that evening, but I was able to keep my obsession for these cupcakes in check and we saved round two for Sunday.

We only had two additional cupcakes for Sunday. We went with the Chocolate cake, chocolate mouse and chocolate frosting, because we all loved that one and also decided to try the Red Velvet cake. My 5 year old LOVES Red Velvet cake so once again, my husband got to wat his own cupcake and I got to share with the 5 year old. He had a couple of bites and that was it for him - he liked it, but had just finished lunch and wasn't very hungry - that worked out great for me since I was able to eat the rest of the cupcake. The red velvet was good and had a nice little tang that mixed perfectly with the creaminess of the cream cheese frosting. But by far our favorite was the Chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and chocolate frosting. We will be buying them again - I am positive of that.

I must add that I am happy that we had the misunderstanding at the beginning of our visit and that they sold the last chocolate chip cheesecake cupcake right out from under me....why??? Now I have an excuse to go back there and I can't wait. It is so dangerous that I found this bakery less than 10 miles from my house.

Any locals who have not visited this bake shop - you have to stop in there, you don't know what you are missing.

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