Monday, April 11, 2011

My Cupcake Adventure - Week 7

Early last week you may have seen my tweet that my 5 year old wanted to make "square cupcakes stuffed with frosting". I generally don't think of cupcakes as being square so this got me thinking about everything from what pan I would bake them in to what size squares to how we would fill them. In thinking about how we could make these square cupcakes stuffed with frosting the though of our homemade ice cream sandwiches popped into my head (not really sure why, or what triggered that thought).

This thought triggered the idea for our square sandwich "cupcakes". We actually started with a chocolate cake that we then baked in a rectangle cake pan. We actually made a cake batter that was closer to a brownie consistency to make the next process of cutting it a little bit easier. Once cooked we cut the cake into squares and circles and then cut those pieces in half (across). The two halves were then layered with cream cheese frosting to basically end up looking similar to a whoopie pie. They were delicious and the little guy got to make his square "cupcakes" stuffed with frosting. Though I had a cake that was somewhere between the consistency of a cake and a brownie I think that we will be making these next time we make brownies in our house too.

Are you in a rush to have this wonderfully yummy snack? Try using the Tollhouse pull and bake brownie bites (for a cute one bite treat) they are actually the best pre-prepared brownie bites that I have found. Bake them according to the package directions and let cool. Either make or buy cream cheese frosting and layer two brownie bites with the cream cheese frosting in the middle. As another option, mix chocolate chips into the cream cheese frosting.

Here is the 5 year old trying one of the round ones

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